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VO+PS "Computational Geometry"

SS 2020

This WWW page is the home page of my course VO+PS "Computational Geometry" (AISP)/"Algorithmische Geometrie" (SS 2020). Computational geometry is the study of the design and analysis of efficient algorithms for solving problems with a geometric flavor. The methodologies of computational geometry allow one to investigate solutions of numerous geometric problems that arise in application areas such as computer-aided design, manufacturing, geographic information systems, image processing, robotics and graphics.

This course offers a graduate-level introduction to computational geometry: We will discuss geometric searching, convex hulls, Voronoi diagrams, straight skeletons, triangulations, and robustness issues. We will learn to analyze geometric problems and to design algorithms for solving them in an efficient manner. Students will be exposed to important algorithmic paradigms of geometric computing, and will acquire in-depth knowledge of basic geometric data structures (such as triangulations and Voronoi diagrams). This course will also cover sample applications of these data structures and algorithms for solving real-world problems.

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