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 Parallel Wavelet Compression

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FWF 13903 - Parallel Algorithms for Wavelet-based Video Compression

General Information

Contact person: Andreas Uhl

Duration: Feb 2000 - Feb 2004

Funding: FWF

People working at this project: Rade Kutil, Roland Norcen, E.Pschernig, F.Tischler


Wavelet-based vdeo compression algorithms differ significantly from DCT-based video compression systems like MPEG or H.26X. So far, only DCT-based video codecs have been investigated with respect to potential parallelism. In this project, we designed and implemented classical motion compensated 2D wavelet-based as well as 3D zerotree-based parallel video coding schemes. Additionally, JPEG 2000 based systems have been investigated. Results have been achieved using shared memory systems (OpenMP and JAVAThreads) and distributed memory systems (MPI).

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