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ECRYPT (watermarking virtual lab WAVILA) - European Network of Excellence in Cryptology

General Information

Contact persons: Andreas Uhl, Andreas Pommer

Duration: Feb. 2004 - Feb. 2007

Funding: by EU

Project partner: Jana Dittmann, Stefan Katzenbeisser,...


We take part in the ECRYPT watermarking and perceptual hashing virtual lab WAVILA ( as part of the German Austrian Multimedia Security Channel GAUSS. It is the goal of WAVILA to build tools and techniques for assessing the security aspects of watermarking and perceptual hashing, to design advanced algorithms with a well-defined security level, to design protocols, both stand-alone as well as integrated in cryptographic protocols, and to develop methods and techniques for efficient and secure implementations. The overall and broader goal is to bring watermarking and perceptual hashing to such a level that they can be successfully be integrated into future DRM systems.

More information about this project is available at

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