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 Object-based Wavelet Compression

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FWF 13732 Object-based Image and Video Compression with Adaptive and Hybrid Wavelet Techniques

General Information

Contact persons: Andreas Uhl, Peter Zinterhof

Duration: Oct 1999 - Oct 2003

Funding: FWF

People working at this project: Roland Norcen, Andreas Pommer, D.Engel, P.Meerwald, T.Schell


With the standardization of MPEG-4 object-based compression has become an important technique. This project was focused towards develpoping wavelet based compression schemes which follow the object-based coding paradim in the sense of MPEG-4 as well. In particular, main emphasis was given to adaptive and hybrid coding techniques in order to compensate for the loss in compression performance caused by increased functionality. Wavelet packets, matching pursuits, wavelet filter parametrizations, and hybrid video coding schemes have been the main technical ingredients to this project.

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