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Multimedia Communications

Contact persons: Bernhard Collini-Nocker, Hilmar Linder

People working in this group: Wolfram Stering, Peter Maurutschek, Klaus Würflinger, Andreas Maier, August Mayer, Josef Schmidbauer, Wolfgang Brauneis


We are a research group at the Department of Scientific Computing, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria. Our current main areas of interest are satellite communications, DVB/MHP, intelligent caching, and IP multicast work. Our expertise includes:

The group operates two development laboratories with more than 50 PCs and Workstations running various Windows and Unix flavours.

A dedicated IP/DVB and MHP Test Center has been recently set up, interconnecting the IRT/MHP Playout Server with an IP/DVB encapsulator/multiplexer and several set-top boxes and PCs over three DVB transmission chains (DVB-S, -T, -C) in a local loop trial environment. Several analysers for TS/MPEG-2 level and MHP are available for monitoring and verification purposes.

More information about this group is available at http://www.network-research.org/.

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