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Maps and Directions

The Department of Computer Science ("FB Computerwissenschaften") is located at Salzburg-Itzling, Salzburg, Austria. (Itzling lies in the North-West of Salzburg.) The Department is situated in Building IX of the Techno-Z Campus. My own office is in Room 1.20, which is located on the first floor of the the east wing of Building IX. See a bird's eye view of the Techno-Z Campus: On this map the arrow "Zentrum" is assigned to "Schillerstrasse" and points towards the main railway station ("Hauptbahnhof") and downtown Salzburg; the road in the middle of the map which is orthogonal to "Schillerstrasse" is "Jakob-Haringer Strasse"; Building IX has the street address "Jakob-Haringer Strasse 2". (Apologies to anybody whose copyright I might be violating by making electronic maps or scans of maps available to my visitors!)

Salzburg lies right at the northern boundary of the beautiful Austrian Alps. It is easily reached by car or public transport. The driving distance between Salzburg and Vienna is about 300 kilometers, along the "Autobahn" (motorway) A1/E60 ("Westautobahn"), see a map of the motorways in and around Austria. Munich can be reached by driving about 150 kilometers along Autobahn A8/E60. Carinthia and the South of Austria are accessible via Autobahn A10/E55 ("Tauernautobahn"). These three motorways meet at a junction ("Knoten Salzburg") south of Salzburg. (See the inset in the lower-left corner of this map: A10 goes to the South (to Villach), A8 heads westwards (to Munich/München), and A1 heads to the North-East towards Vienna/Wien.) The Autobahn A12/E45 ("Inntalautobahn") links Salzburg and Bavaria to the Tyrol, and continues as A14/E60 to Vorarlberg and Switzerland. Motorists are advised to head to Autobahn A1 and leave it at the exit ("Ausfahrt") "Salzburg Nord", heading towards downtown Salzburg ("Zentrum"), see a map of the route to be taken from the Autobahn A1 to the Campus. Then follow signs pointing towards "Maria Plain" and the "Techno-Z" Campus. Please note that most parking lots around the Campus are metered, and/or gated! Our building has its own parking lot, and you are advised to use this lot. (Our parking lot is gated, and you'll have to contact me or any other CS employee in order to gain access to our parking lot.)

Please consult Stadt Salzburg or (both in German), or Städte-Verlag for an online map of Salzburg, or have a look at the following scans of a tourist map of Salzburg.

Salzburg is easily accessible by train. Austrian Federal Railroads offer excellent railroad service to all major towns of the country and also direct connections with all major cities in Europe. We also have an extensive network of overland bus lines operated jointly by the Austrian Postal Service ("Post") and the Austrian Federal Railroads ("ÖBB"). At Salzburg, the main hub for those buses is opposite of the railway station ("Bahnhof"). Information on the schedules for trains to and from Salzburg can be obtained online from the Austrian Railroads (ÖBB) or the German Railroads (DB).

Visitors staying in Salzburg can get to the Techno-Z Campus by a short bus or taxi ride. Take a bus to the railway station ("Bahnhof"), and then take either Bus 6 to the stop "Science City Itzling" or Bus 3 or Bus 5 to the stop "Kirchenstrasse/HTL". Please check a map of the Techno-Z Campus, or have a look at a "Liniennetzplan" (PDF-map) of the bus lines within Salzburg. (The latter plan is fairly detailed, recall that AcrobatReader allows you to zoom into it!)

During pleasant wheather you may also want to walk from the railway station to the Campus; it will take you about 15-20 minutes. Basically, you have to head north after exiting the railway station, following the tracks of the "Lokalbahn" towards "Itzling" and "Jakob-Haringer Straße".

Visitors who fly into Salzburg will arrive at Salzburg Airport - W.A.Mozart. Downtown Salzburg and Techno-Z Campus are easily reached by public transport - take Bus 77 to the railway station ("Bahnhof") - or by a short taxi ride. For some international visitors, flying in and out of Munich Airport might turn out to be a better bet as far as catching a direct international flight is concerned; Salzburg can be reached from Munich Airport by train or by express shuttle bus.)

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