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Choosing Martin Held as MSc/PhD Advisor


In recent years it has become fashionable among students to send out mass emails to prospective advisors world-wide in an attempt to secure a funded research position. That is, I have been flooded by email requests for internships and pre-doctoral positions. I don't want to be rude but I simply do not have the time to answer each and every inquiry personally, just in order to state the same basic information over and over again. I'm hoping that the following guidelines will help to clarify the situation.

I welcome applications by foreign students, and I am certainly willing to work with foreign students. (I have and have had several foreign students.) However, prospective students should understand and follow the following guidelines: Every student is personally responsible for

Let me clearly state that it is pointless to try to argue your way around these guidelines. Please understand that I have no means to provide administrative or legal help with any of these issues.

In any case, I will never offer a salaried position to provide financial support during your stay here at Salzburg, unless

In your own best interest I can only advise you not to resort to any form of funding that imposes harsh penalties in case of "failure", i.e., if the (studies) goal set forth by the organization that grants the funding were not achieved during your stay here at Salzburg:

If you'd come with your own financial support then please make this very clear when contacting me. I will follow these guidelines particularly strictly if you'd prefer to come "only" for 1-2 months of internship.

Please have a look at Admission for information on how to be admitted to studying at the Universität Salzburg.

Information for students/researchers who wish to come to Austria is available at EURAXESS -- Researchers in Motion. The Austrian Database for Scholarships and Research Grants provides information on grants for both incoming and outgoing research visits.

It is the task of the prospective student to suggest a research topic that falls into my fields of interest; you may also want to have a look at current and past research projects of mine. It is a waste of time for both of us to send me an application if your interests and prior experience are focused on, say, database systems or distributed computing. (And, no, I won't forward your application to other colleagues since I don't want to add more emails to this type of mass emails.) In any case, I will only supervise theses in computer science that shall lead to the Austrian academic degrees "Dipl.-Ing." (or MSc) or "Dr. techn." (or technical doctorate, PhD).

In order to work with me, you

By the way, while I'm willing to communicate with you in English, a solid knowledge of German is imperative for MSc studies, and a good working knowledge of German is advisable for PhD studies.

If you decide to send electronic material to me then, please, make sure to use document formats that are universally readable -- such as PDF! Please understand that I work on Unix/Linux platforms. Thus, a document written in MS Word or similar stuff is not easily readable for me! (And any information that I cannot read easily will be ignored. Sorry.)

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