presentation: Robustness and Security of Wavelet-Based Watermarking Algorithms

Peter Meerwald
Guest Lecture, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK
May 11, 2000


Several wavelet-based watermarking schemes and their robustness to wavelet compression attacks are discussed. Following an idea by Fridrich [1] and experiments by Kundur [2], we propose to use a parametrization of wavelet filter coefficients to bring the concept of a key-dependent transform to the wavelet domain. We demonstrate that the new technique can be easily intregrated in existing watermarking algorithms to improve security.

[1] J. Fridrich, A. C. Baldoza, R. J. Simard. Robust digital watermarking based on key-dependent basis functions. Information hiding - second international workshop, Portland, OR, USA, In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer Verlag, vol. 1525, October 1998.

[2] D. Kundur, D. Hatzinakos. Mismatching perceptual models for effective watermarking in the presence of compression. In: Proceedings of the SPIE Conference on Multimedia Systems and Applications, vol. 3845, Boston, MA, USA, September 1999.

The presentation is available in Acrobat (.pdf, zipped) and Postscript (.ps.gz, gzipped) format.

Peter Meerwald,