Blind motion-compensated video watermarking

Peter Meerwald and Andreas Uhl
presentation: June 24, 2008
2008 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo
Hannover, Germany; June 23 - 26, 2008
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The temporal correlation between adjacent video frames poses a severe challenges for video watermarking applications. Motion-coherent watermarking has been recognized as a strategy to embed watermark information in video frames, resistant to collusion attacks. The motion-compensated temporal wavelet transform (MC-TWT) provides an efficient tool to separate static and dynamic components of a video scene and enables motion-coherent watermarking.
In this paper, we extend a MC-TWT domain watermarking scheme with blind detection, i.e. motion estimation and watermark detection is performed without reference to the unwatermarked video. Our results show that motion-coherent watermarking can be combined with a blind detector, widening the applicability of MC-TWT domain watermarking beyond forensics (where the unwatermarked content is assumed to be available).


Peter Meerwald,