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SS 16

Tasks (Diamonds, May 4)
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Project Groups SS15

Project Groups SS14

Project Groups SS13
  • JEvolution - Genetic Programming Editing (Project Page)
    (Auer, Friedrich, Höllermeier, Schwaighofer)

  • Graphical Improvements in Human Face Evolution (Project Page)
    (Janner, Paradeiser-Riedler, Pogiba, Streif)

  • DIGO - Migration to JEvolution GP (Project Page)
    (Grünwald, Löschinger, Shah, Wirnsberger)

  • Evolution of Hodgkin-Huxley Model Parameters (Project Page)
    (Farghaly, Gamböck, Straub, Zint)

  • netEvo - Evolution of Auto-Associative Networks (Project Page)
    (Mory, Fakner, Hentschel, Winkler)

  • Evolutionary Solutions of an Overdetermined System of Linear Equations (Project Page)
    (Fammler, Lugstein, Peterhansl, Zenz)

  • DIGO - GUI Cell Program Editing (Project Page)
    (Fehrenbach, Oberbichler)

Project Groups SS12
  • genBIN - Genetic Programming for Classification of Feature Histograms (Project Page)
    (de Lorenzo, Ebensperger, Schrempf)

  • netBIN - Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks for Classification of Feature Histograms (Project Page)
    (Bertolin, Eschbacher, Neulinger)

Project Groups SS11
  • DIGO - Implementation of a GUI Prototype Validated by a French Flag Organism (Project Page)
    (Gassner, Hasenauer, Kauba, Mayer)

  • JEvolution - Export/Import of Individuals (Project Page)
    (Hopfgartner, Knoll, Weichhart, Wilker)

  • Evolutionary Optimization of Radar Antenna Arrays (Project Page)
    (Di Stolfo, Lorup, Scholderer)

  • Coevolution of Players in a Tactical Computer Game (Project Page)
    (Cordt, Riefler, Sippl)

  • SIMMA - Implementation of Human-Robot Interaction (Project Page)
    (Garzel, Harsan, Linecker, Zanner)

  • SIMMA - Evolution of Motor Signals in an Artifical Ant (Project Page)
    (Ebensberger, Fehrenbach, Neulinger, Schrempf)

  • DIGO - A Case Study of a Memory Organism (Project Page)
    (Eder, Penn, Poetzelberger, Reissig)

  • Evolutionary Solvers for Linear Equation Systems (Project Page)
    (M. Hasslacher, S. Hasslacher, Xu, Ying Cheng)

  • GOjen - Evolutionary Feature Selection for Neural Go Players (Project Page)
    (Mutter, Nemeth, Vikoler, Webersdorfer)

Project Groups SS10
  • evAlloc - Nurse Rostering Competition (Project Page)
    (Gintner, Grünwald, Herzog, Schwab)

  • GOjen - Evolution of Recurrent Neural Networks (Project Page)
    (Dämon, Höller, Mirkovski, Staritzbichler)

  • Neural Sound Effects (Project Page)
    (Aschberger, Burian, Gadermayr, Schröcker)

  • SIMMA - Evolution of an Artificial Ant (Project Page)
    (Mayer, Mraz, Schorr, Wuchse)

  • Evolution of Hodgkin-Huxley Model Parameters (Project Page)
    (Dorfer, Ebner)

Project Groups SS09
  • SIMMA - Reinforcement Learning in an Artificial Ant (Project Page)
    (Aigner, Burku, Huemer, Schwab)

  • SIMMA - Evolution of Recurrent Neural Networks (Project Page)
    (Guillon, Huber, Kollmann, Sander)

  • GOjen - Evolution of ANN Input Features (Project Page)
    (Baumgartner, Alber, Debiasi, Zrinyi)

  • JEvolution - Implementation of Genetic Programming Support (Project Page)
    (Alt, Atzl, Stenger)

  • netGlass - Analysis of Noisy Neurocontrollers (Project Page)
    (Böhm, Ding, Kinschel, Kleber)

Project Groups SS08
  • GOjen - Evolution of Neural Go Players (Project Page)
    (Brugger, Flatz)

  • SIMMA - Temporal Difference Learning in Recurrent Neurocontrollers (Project Page)
    (Höller, Köberl)

Project Group SS07
  • SIMMA - Learning and Forgetting in Robots (Project Page)
    (Schider, Spitzwieser)

Project Groups SS06
  • SIMMA - Implementation of Collision Physics (Project Page)
    (Hinterkörner, Lechner, Riegler)

  • netGlass - Implementation of ANN Rule Extraction Analyzers (Project Page)
    (Huber, Rohde, Tamme)

  • SIMMA - Experiments with Neuromodulators in the Peg Pushing Task (Project Page)
    (Maidorfer, Schwaiger, Zwifl)

Project Groups SS05
  • Temporal Difference Learning in Recurrent Neural Networks (Project Page)
    (Brunauer, Mühlbacher, Rehrl)

  • SIMMA - Implementation of a Multi-Legged Robot (Project Page)
    (Dellagi, Großbauer, Howanitz, Taferl)

  • Evolutionary Optimization of Radar Antenna Arrays (Project Page)
    (Auracher, Lugstein, Messner, Schiefer)

Project Group SS04
  • Evolving Strategies for the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma (Project Page)
    (Brunauer, Löcker, Mitterlechner, Payer)

Project Groups SS03
  • Interactive Evolution of Human Faces (Project Page)
    (Dittrich, Höggerl, Leikermoser, Widhalm)

  • Experimental Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms Using Chromosomes of Variable Length (Project Page)
    (Ban, Seibl, Sigl)

  • Evolution of Fuzzy Controllers for Agents in a Strategy Game (Project Page)
    (Auernigg, Rescher, Simader)

Project Groups SS02
  • SIMMA - A Simple EMMA Simulator (Project Page)
    (Knoll, Koidl, Ruhs)

  • Experiments towards Biologically Inspired Image Compression (Project Page)
    (Koenig, Riedl, Zehentner)

  • Empirical Comparison of the Error Convergence Rate of Standard and Evolved ANNs (Project Page)
    (Draxler, Meisl, Theiner)

Helmut A. Mayer

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