Basic Object-Oriented Neural Environment

The Java framework Boone assists in developing Artificial Neural Network (ANN) applications. It follows a strict object-oriented approach focussing on the extensibility of the framework, hereby, making concessions regarding computational efficiency. However, the simple, and biologically motivated, approach to center the framework on only two main classes, namely Neuron and Link, may even be benefitial to the speed of execution. Arbitrary feed-forward or recurrent networks can be constructed, which may be trained by integrated Trainers using pattern sets, for which different file formats are supported. Lately, a package supporting Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs) has been added to the framework, which has been used and tested in a number of applications, e.g., robotic neurocontrollers or neural Go players.

Boone Features

Binaries, Documentation, and Sample Programs

Last modified: Mar 18 2016