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The academic work in doctoral studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences is centered on the dissertation thesis. In addition to thesis work the three doctorate programs Natural Sciences , Technical Sciences , and Philosophy require the continous attendance of a dissertation seminar, taking specific lectures and/or courses assigned to a doctorate program, and special achievements (e.g., peer-reviewed publications, teaching). In accordance with the guidelines of the EU Bologna Process the doctoral candidate is guided by a supervisor group. The final step towards being awarded with the doctoral degree is the dissertation defense. A more detailed description of the formal and academic procedures can be found here.


Admission to the doctorate program is based on the scientific field of the potential candidate's master degree. Candidates with a master's degree in natural or technical sciences are usually admitted without further evaluation, if the work load (ideally given in ECTS credit points) is comparable to the one at our faculty. Note that the final admission decision is made by the Vice Rector for Studies at our university. In order to speed up the admission process potential candidates are encouraged to provide the following information:

Apart from these formal requirements it is highly recommended that the candidate gets in contact with potential supervisors as soon as possible in order to form the supervisor group, and focus on a specific dissertation topic. The latter is equally true for candidates coming from an Austrian Fachhochschule, which are entitled (depending on the specific field of study) to enroll in an (extended) doctorate program (German).


The program commission is responsible for the academic aspects of the doctorate program. With respect to the formal parts of the admission procedure, please, do not contact me, as I can only refer you to the admission office, which is located at:

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Helmut A. Mayer

Last modified: Jan 17 2014