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Visual Computing and Multimedia

Contact persons: Bernhard Collini-Nocker, Martin Held, Andreas Uhl


This research group comprises three labs.

Multimedia Signal Processing and Security Lab

Our current main areas of interest are image and video compression algorithms, image and video encryption, watermarking, visual data transmission, and methods for visual data integrity and authenticity. Our expertize includes:

Funding is mainly FWF based.

Current Projects:

More information about this lab is available at

Multimedia Communications Lab

Our main areas of interest include satellite communications, DVB/MHP, intelligent caching solutions, and IP multicast related work. Furthermore, we are participating in the FP6 IST Satellite Network of Excellence (SatNEX) project. For more information, please visit our website at

Our expertise includes:

The group operates two development laboratories with more than 50 PCs and Workstations running various Windows and Unix flavours.

A dedicated IP/DVB and MHP Test Center has been recently set up, interconnecting the IRT/MHP Playout Server with an IP/DVB encapsulator/multiplexer and several set-top boxes and PCs over three DVB transmission chains (DVB-S, -T, -C) in a local loop trial environment. Several analysers for TS/MPEG-2 level and MHP are available for monitoring and verification purposes.

More information about this lab is available at

Computational Geometry and Computer Graphics Lab

Our current main areas of interest are:

More information about this lab is available at

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