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How is grading done for WAP in 2020/2021 ?

Each of the following four items will contribute an equal share to your grade:
  • Your presentations (typically, all group member are graded identically, however, there might be exceptions) - pls provide also source and .pdf of your slides.
  • A blackboard MC-Test covering the general science part of the lecture (graded individually): 18.12.2020, 8:00
  • A latex-based Manuscript related to the topic of your presentation following the guidelines as described in the lecture (including a bibtex bibliography exhibiting at least one entry of the discussed publication types) and at least (i) one figure and (ii) one chart created with the tools as described in the lecture). 8 pages limit and usage of IEEE conference style mandatory here is the style file and further instructions). Mandatory submission items are all required latex/bibtex sources for a compilation and the final .pdf. This is a joint effort of all group members, thus, all group member are graded identically.
  • A Mathematica programming task: A colour image of your choice is used as input and converted into grayscale Y using the formula: Y = 0.5G + 0.3R + 0.2B. Subsequently, you should write a Module, where pixel position and nighbourhood size are passed as parameters to the Module. This function computes the mean of the grey values Y within a square neighbourhood which is centered at the pixel position. The Module returns the mean. You have to apply this Module to each pixel (think about how to deal with pixels at the edge of the image) and the returned mean value replaces the original grey value in the result picture. Please apply your work using 3x3, 5x5, and 7x7 neighbourhoods and store the resulting image as greyscale .png data. The operation is called ``average smoothing'' in low level image processing. Grading will be based on the delivered Mathematica Notebook and the three result images. Grading is done individually and we will check the developed software for plagiarism.
Deadline: The .tex/.pdf of manuscript and slides as well as the Mathematica Notebook together with the three images have to be sent per e-mail in a .zip archive until end of February.