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Andreas Uhl

I am a Full Professor for Computer Science at the Department of Computer Sciences at Salzburg University. I am heading the Multimedia Signal Processing and Security Lab (WaveLab-Group) - we are doing research in the areas of image and video processing, multimedia security, biometrics, medical imaging, and numerical mathematics. See my CV for various details on research, projects, publications, teaching, etc. Additionally, I am a lecturer at the Carinthia Tech Institute and at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

Current schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning TZ, 1.11 TZ, 1.11 TZ, 1.11 TZ, 1.11 TZ, 1.11
Afternoon TZ, 1.11 - TZ, 1.11 TZ, 1.11 TZ, 1.11


  • On vacation
    • 24.8. - 12.9.
  • Lecturing at Carinthia Tech Institute:
  • Lecturing at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences:
  • Conferences
    • Information Security Conference, Pisa, Italy, September 7 - 9, 2009

Private Area: