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My Family

I am married to Olga Held-Siratska. Olga is a pediatrist ("Facharzt für Kinder- und Jugendheilkunde") and runs her own medical practice ("Kinderarztpraxis") in Salzburg. And, yes, I'm the webmaster of her homepage,

Our son Alexander Georg was born in March 2007. (The photo shows him at the age of nine months.) More recently, he was ready to go for a skidoo ride (March 2011), and rock climbing at Vinkuran (Croatia, Sep 2013).

Got a Sense of Humor?

Over the years I have collected some jokes and quotes from friends and from the Net. While none of those jokes are R-rated, very religious folks might still find some of the jokes about religion or sexual decency a bit offensive. So, don't say afterwards that I had not warned you.

Those of you who have ever struggled with understanding an Austrian dialect may appreciate the (Upper)Austrian-German/English Dictionary maintained by Jörg Mühlbacher at the University of Linz (FIM). (Or should this dictionary be considered a "useful link"?) Great stories on how folks have managed to remove themselves from the gene pool can be found at the Darwin Awards Home Page. See also FIM's collection of great efforts that failed miserably. Important recommendation for graduate students and junior faculty can be found on Douglas Comer's home page: have a look at "A few essays about Computer Science". For general up-to-date news, you are referred to

Scaling the Y-Axis

Interested in the arts of beating gravity? A safe starting point is my short list of Web pages related to climbing.

Getting Downhill

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