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A. Title, Content and Foreword

01. The Introduction in the Life of a Young Man

02. On Parting - Fare Well!

03. Death of Zelenko

04. Prospects in Haze

05. Short Respite

06. Oxen on Bilogora hills

07. Battles in the Night

08. Full Retreat

09. Close Encounter with JAKs

10. Chaos of Withdrawal

11. Way in Uncertainty

12. Withdrawal of Croatians

13. Night of Surrender

14. Surrender and Imprisonment

15. Begin of My Way Of Cross

16. Distressed and Hopeless

17. Race between Life And Death

18. Fainted Away

19. Long 100-Kilometer March

20. Flash of Human Kindness Onward To Reeducation

21. At last In Osijek

22. In Prison of Osijek On My 20th Birthday

23. In Prison of OZNA 3 Waiting for Reeducation

24. On the Way to Reeducation

25. After All - Together Again

26. News about Amnesty A Whisper of Freedom

27. Returning Home - A Dream Becoming True

B. About the Author

C. Historical Background

D. Rear Cover