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  • SE, 1 Std.
  • TechZ, Department of Computer Sciences, T04
  • Wednesday, 16:00


Rudolf Schraml
Hyperspectral Imaging in Vein Recognition and Wood Analysis
Yansel Gonzalez Tejeda
Human Dimensions Estimation with Artificial Neural Networks. Dataset and Evaluation
Ehsan Jalilian
Domain transfer for iris segmentation with image to image transforms: problems and pitfalls
Georg Wimmer
Comparing augmentation and real data for training CNN for endoscopic image classification
Clemens Brunner
SPROOF: A platform for issuing and verifying documents in a public blockchain
Simon Kirchgasser / Luca Debiasi
Biometric Template Protection in the Signal Domain
Michael Linortner
Stable Vein Minutiae Extraction and Applications
Christof Kauba
Finger-vein recognition: Alignement and contactless sensing
Bernhard Prommegger
3D Reconstruction of Vein Structures
Cornelia Ferner
Siamese Networks for Classification of Low-Ressource Data
Heinz Hofbauer / Rudolf Schraml
Fish Recognition