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1 Introduction

1.1 Aim

Our company was engaged to develop a software-system with the working title ''Archaeological Data System - ADS'' which first of all shall:

We are responsible for the design and implementation of this system including the following points:

1.1.5 Virtual Museum

The software-system shall include a virtual museum where the visitors can walk through and zoom into descriptions of archaeological objects and artefacts. The museum shall not host all the data collected as the customer wants to perform special exhibitions on current topics. The visitors have the ability to search here for archeoligical artefacts. As a result they will get a descritpion how to get to the desired item in the museum. If one selects an item in a showcase he is given the available data from the database.

A museum will initially have three floors, each of which consist of about ten rooms. In every room there are several showcases which can contain various archeological artefacts each. The designer has the ability to design the museums.

1.2 System Environment

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