Watermark security via wavelet filter parametrization

Peter Meerwald und Andreas Uhl
paper submitted January 4, 2001, accepted April 10, 2001 final paper submitted May 15, 2001, presentation October 8, 2001
IEEE Signal Processing Society 2001 International Conference on Image Processing
Thessaloniki, Greece
October 7-10, 2001
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In this paper, we propose to use secret, key-dependent parametric wavelet filters to improve the security of digital watermarking schemes operating in the wavelet transform domain. We show that the parametrization of wavelet filters can be easily integrated into existing wavelet-based watermarking algorithms, resulting in improved security without additional computational complexity. Both, robustness and imperceptibility are adequate for many applications.


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Peter Meerwald, pmeerw@cosy.sbg.ac.at