ptGAs - Genetic Algorithms Using Promoter/Terminator Sequences

Evolution of Number, Size, and Location of Parameters and Parts of the Representation

At the workshop we would like to present an overview of our work on chromosome structures for genetic algorithms based on biological principles. The use of promoter/terminator sequences (the initials pt and genetic algorithms (GAs) are blended to ptGA) defining start and end of a gene not only enables evolution of parameter values, but also allows for adaptation of number, size, and location of parameters on an artificial chromosome. The genes (parameters) on these ptGA chromosomes are separated by non-coding regions induced by the promoter/terminator sequences. Randomly generated chromosomes of fixed length carry different number of genes of varying size and locations. Evolution of these ptGA chromosomes drives the number of parameters and their values to (sub)optimal solutions. Moreover, the formation of tightly linked building blocks is enhanced by self-organization of gene locations. There are a variety of real world problems, where the (sub)optimal number of parameters is not known in advance, and the ptGA proposed in this work could be applied to those kind of problems. The talk would be organized as follows.
Helmut A. Mayer <>
Last modified: May 11, 2017