DVB Networking Module

DVB Networking Module (dvb-net)


Besides transporting video, audio, EPG and other related information, DVB networks can also be used to transport Internet (IP/IPv6) data. The recent DVB-H standard even transports the video, audio and other data (like the EPG) over IP.


The current version of DVB networking supports the following protocols:
  • Multi-protocol Encapsulation (MPE)
  • Unidirectional Lightweight Encapsulation (ULE)
The functionality of ULE can be augmented by using so-called ULE Extensions. GSE also supports this feature. In dvb-net, GSE and ULE are based on the same Extension Interface and thus both can access and use the same ULE Extensions modules.

Mercurial Repositories

  • dvbnet-mod
    Contains the dvb-net module as well as a modified version of the dvb-core module.
  • dvbnet-app
    Contains the new version of the dvbnet tool for managing DVB Network interfaces.
  • bb-demux
    Extension of the DVB demultiplexer which enables it to process DVB-S2 Base-band frames.
  • dvbloop
    A virtual DVB adapter
  • gse-testing
    GSE development and testing repository. Contains patches from the following repositories: dvbnet-mod, bb-demux and dvbloop.