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Here you will find some information about me, Christian Prähauser. Most of which will be terribly boring. However, I'm trying to keep this little information up-to-date.


(02/07/2007) 68 IETF Meeting in Prague

The 68th IETF Meeting takes place in Prague, Czech Republic from 18-23 March 2007.
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(01/29/2007) IWSSC 2007 in Salzburg

The third International Workshop on Satellite and Space Communications (IWSSC) is held in Salzburg.
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(07/16/2006) SatNex Summer School 2006 in Salzburg

The second SatNEx Summer School takes place in Salzburg this year. It is hosted by the Department of Computer Sciences of the University of Salzburg, Austria and takes place from 21st to 25th August 2006.

(06/10/2006) 66 IETF Meeting in Montreal

The IPDVB WG meeting on the 10th of July was available as a live stream (audio only). The main topics were:
  • Security
  • DVB-S2 Encapsulation: GBS Activities, ULE Extension Formats to support GSE
  • Address Resolution
For those who missed it, you can listen to it here. You may also want to take a look at the meeting agenda. The presentation slides are available here.