Solaris /dev/random

A Solaris kernel module to emulate /dev/random and /dev/urandom known from Linux in Solaris. Use at your own risk.

FYI: SUN now provides /dev/random too:

More information is available at http://sunsolve.Sun.COM/. Please search for document "27606": "Differing /dev/random support requirements within Solaris [TM] Operating Environments".

Source code history:

New packages as of November 23, 2001:

Attention! The packages are built from version 0.7 of the driver but I forgot to change the version string before building some of the packages. I do not have access to different Solaris versions to rebuild the packages, so I decided to keep the packages although the output of 'modinfo' shows a wrong version (v0.6).

Common problems:

List of tested configurations (version 0.4):


Andreas Maier <>
Fri Aug 5 17:51:45 MET 2011