International Workshop on Parallel Numerics 2005

April 20-23, Portoroz, Slovenia


The workshop will take place in the adriatic resort and convention center St. Bernardin in Portoroz.

To Portoroz by public transport via Ljubljana

You can get to Ljubljana by airplane or international train. Then take either a bus (departures throughout the day) or train (departures mainly in the morning) to Koper. Both take somewhat over two hours. Bus and train stations are located next to each other in both cities. From Koper, take either a taxi (15 km) or bus (half an hour) to Portoroz. Please contact Marjan Sterk if you need help with detailed schedules.

To Portoroz by public transport from Italy

It is also possible to take a train either to Trieste (Italy) and then a taxi to Portoroz (about 40 km) or a train to Gorizia (Italy), cross the border to Nova Gorica, take a train to Koper and then get to Portoroz as described above. The train from Nova Gorica to Koper leaves three times a day and takes 2 to 2.5 hours.

To Portoroz by Car

From Italy

Drive to Trieste, follow the directions for Slovenia/city of Koper - Capodistria, then drive further to Portoroz. The route is marked in green on the map.

From elsewhere

Drive to Ljubljana, follow the direction for Koper, then drive further to Portoroz. The route is marked in red on the map. Note that the map is somewhat out of date because some new highways have been built between Ljubljana and Koper, but you should have no trouble if you follow road signs.

To the Hotel

Once in Portoroz, consult the detailed map to get to the hotel (blue circle). The Portoroz bus station (red circle) is about 2 km east from the hotel.