International Workshop on Parallel Numerics 2005

April 20-23, Portoroz, Slovenia

Conference programme

Wednesday, April 20 - hall Europa D
12:00-15:00 participants arriving, registration, reception drink
13:00-14:30 lunch - taverna Mediteran, hotel Histrion
15:00-15:10 conference opening
15:10-17:00 afternoon session, chairman: M. Vajtersic

Z. Drmač
New Jacobi-Type Algorithm for Computing the SVD (invited talk)

  G. Okša, M. Vajteršic
Preconditioned Parallel Block-Jacobi SVD Algorithm

P. Arbenz, M. Bečka, R. Geus, U. Hetmaniuk, T. Mengotti
Parallel Maxwell Eigensolver Using Trilinos Software Framework

18:00           dinner - taverna Mediteran, hotel Histrion
Thursday, April 21 - hall Europa D


morning session, chairman: A. Uhl

D. Janežič
Large-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Parallel Clusters (invited talk)


P. Purcz
Theoretical Estimates of the Speed-up of One Parallel Algorithm

10:30-11:00 coffee break
11:00-12:30 morning session continued

V. Horak, P. Gruber
Parallel Numerical Solution of 2-D Heat Equation


M. Šterk, B. Robič, R. Trobec
Mesh Free Method Applied to Diffusion Equation


P. Zinterhof, C. Amstler
On the Covariance of Sequences in General Spaces


B. Hechenleitner, K. Entacher
Selection of Good Lattice Points Utilizing a Cluster

12:30-14:00 lunch - Grand restaurant, hotel Bernardin
afternoon trip to Postojna cave, dinner in national restaurant Torkla
Friday, April 22 - hall Europa D


morning session, chairman: P. Zinterhof

S. G. Akl
The Myth of Universal Computation (invited talk)


X. Liu, O. Sykora
Algorithms for the Shortest Common Superstring Problem

10:30-11:00 coffee break
11:00-12:30 morning session continued

K. F. Doerner, R. F. Hartl, M. Lucka
A Parallel Version of the D-Ant Algorithm

  G. Topić, T. Šmuc, K. Skala
Reimplementation of the Random Forest Algorithm
  F. Tischler, A. Uhl
Limitations of Cluster Computing
  R. Kutil, M. Watzl, P. Eder
SIMD Parallelization of Common Wavelet Filters
12:30-14:00 lunch - Grand restaurant, hotel Bernardin
14:00-15:30 afternoon session, chairman: R. Trobec

U. Ruede
Experiences with Large Scale Numerical Simulation (invited talk)

  A. Lutsyk, O. Lutsyk, O. Pelenskyy
Parallel Image Processing on Configurable Computing Architecture
15:30-16:00 coffee break
16:00-17:00 afternoon session
  R. Trummer, P. Zinterhof, R. Trobec
A High-Performance Data-Dependent Hardware Divider

I. Rozman, R. Trobec, M. Šterk
Tuning Communication in Gigabit Ethernet Cluster

  N. Pavković, K. Skala, Z. Šojat
Moore's Law and its Influence on Modern Scientific Research
17:00-17:15           conference closing
18:30 conference dinner - restaurant Pečina
Saturday, April 23
  breakfast - restaurant Pristan, hotel Histrion

Information for Presentations

Presentation are limited to 20 minutes and invited talks to 60 minutes (both including discussion). Transparencies and computer presentations are possible. The computer will have Windows XP, PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader and GhostView installed. The presentation room will not have an internet connection, so you should carry your presentations on CDs, DVDs, floppies or USB keys. Should you need any special software, you are encouraged to bring your own computer.