International Workshop on Parallel Numerics 2005

April 20-23, Portoroz, Slovenia

General information

The length of the papers is limited to approximately ten pages. American spelling is recommended.

LaTeX information

Papers should be written in LaTeX 2e as \documentclass{parnum05} using class file parnum05.cls. Default parnum styles, page size and formatting should be used. Please refer to the sample document for other conventions. The paper should consist of one file named paperID.tex and zero or more paperID* files with figures. Any packages not part of teTeX 2.0 distribution should also be submitted with the paper.

Although the class file can still change, the font sizes and text width/height are final. Text width and height (130x195 mm) were chosen so as to print the articles on A4 paper and cut them to the book format B5.We will take care of consecutive page numbering for all the articles, compile them and send the compiled articles back to authors for final confirmation.


Papers should be sent to as an attached archive (.tgz, .zip or other common archive format), with message subject clearly identifying the first author and paper title, not later than February 28.

Information for Presentations

Presentation are limited to 20 minutes (including discussion). Transparencies and computer presentations are possible. The computer will have Windows XP, PowerPoint, Acrobat Reader and GhostView installed. The presentation room will not have an internet connection, so you should carry your presentations on CDs, DVDs, floppies or USB keys. Should you need any special software, you are encouraged to bring your own computer.